The hero of "Brazil"

00:26 | 19 december 2013

The middle December is the high time to resume and award the heroes. portal interviewed Kazakhstani mass media and specialists in order to find the best judoka of 2013 in Kazakhstan. And the following things turned out…

Azamat Mukanov won the only medal – silver one – at the world championship in Brazil in the squad of Kazakhstani national team, consequently, this achievement of 26-years judoka became the key factor for many of our respondents during selection of the best tatami master. And we congratulate Azamat with it! Thank you for gladness!

“The best judoka of 2013” according to version of The results of the survey:

1. AzamatMukanov– 22 votes

2. SergeyLim– 8 votes

3. EldosSmetov, GulzhanIsanova– 4 votes

4. Samat Esen, Islam Bozbaev – 1 vote


Vladimir Maltsev, “Karavan” newspaper (Almaty) – Sergey Lim

Timur Bayketaev, (Astana) – Azamat Mukanov
Akyrys Seitkazy, "Zhas Kazakh" newspaper (Almaty) - Azamat MukanovVsevolod Hwan, (Almaty) - Azamat Mukanov
Timur Suleimenov, KAZsport TV channel (Astana) - Azamat Mukanov
Andrey Litsov, KAZsport TV channel (Almaty) - Azamat Mukanov
Oleg Kanapin, "Strana I Mir" newspaper (Almaty) - Azamat Mukanov
Daniyar Karimzhan, KAZsport TV channel (Almaty) - Azamat Mukanov

Galym Suleimen, KAZsport TV channel (Almaty) - Azamat Mukanov

Leonid Yuriev, the newspaper "Megapolis" (Almaty) – Eldos Smetov
Zhiger Azbergenov, (Astana) - Azamat Mukanov
Dmitry Belogradov, "Nasha Zhizn" newspaper (Pavlodar) – Sergey Lim

Elena Belogradova, "Irbis" TV channel (Pavlodar) - Azamat Mukanov
Nikolai Zhdanov, (Almaty) – Samat Esen
Alym Zhalelov, (Almaty) – Sergey Lim

Damir Serikpayev, "PROSPORT" newspaper (Almaty) – Eldos Smetov
Nazerke Sultanbek, the press service of the Wrestling Federation of Kazakhstan - Azamat Mukanov
Erzat Sergazin, «RING.KZ» magazine (Astana) – Eldos Smetov
Symbat Kopbergenova, "Vecherniy Almaty" newspaper (Almaty) – Islam Bozbaev

Larisa Grechikhina, "PROSPORT" newspaper (Astana) - Azamat Mukanov
Eduard Gavrish, "Futbolnye Vesti" magazine (Almaty) – Eldos Smetov

Elena Dmitrieva, press service of Judo Federation (Almaty) – Sergey Lim

Maxim Epishko, (Almaty) – Sergey Lim

Asem Kabylbekova, “Eurasia” the first channel – Gulzhan Isanova

Dina Iskakova, KAZsport TV channel (Astana) – Azamat Mukanov

Ruslan Medelbek, (Almaty) – Azamat Mukanov

Farkhad Izizov, "PROSPORT" newspaper (Almaty) – Azamat Mukanov

Anuar Abdrakhmanov, “Futbolnye vesti” magazine – Sergey Lim

Zhandos Eralin, “Khabar” TV channel (Astana) – Gulzhan Isanova

Dana Kasenova, “Almaty” TV channel (Almaty) – Sergey Lim


Askhat Zhitkeev, the silver medalist of the Beijing Olympics (2008) – Azamat Mukanov

Ermek Imambekov, the head coach of men’s team of Kazakhstan - Azamat Mukanov

Sergey Rakov, the coach of men’s team of Kazakhstan - Azamat Mukanov

Vladimir Kichatov, the senior coach of men’s team of Kazakhstan - Azamat Mukanov

Erzhan Baizhumanov, the state coach - Azamat Mukanov

Marat Myktybekov, the first vice-president of Kazakhstani Judo Federation - Azamat Mukanov

Zhaken Salamatov, the head coach of women’s judo team – Gulzhan Isanova

Samat Zhilkibaev, the executive director of Kazakhstani Judo Federation - Azamat Mukanov

Our profile

Azamat Mukanov (66 kg). Judo team of Kazakhstan

Date of birth: January, 30, 1987

Place of birth: Almaty region

Coach: KereyKoishybek

Achievements: the World Cup bronze medalist (2012, Czech Republic), the bronze medalist of Kazakhstan (2012, Taldykorgan), the bronze medalist of the Asian championship (2013, Thailand), the silver medalist of World Championship (2013, Brazil), in the squad of «TAK Astana Club» - the winner of the first international club judo tournament in Kazakhstan (2013, Astana), the silver medalist of Kazakhstan (2013, Ust-Kamenogorsk). Sambo World Champion (2010), four-time bronze medalist of the world sambo championship. Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. International Master of Sports.

Rating place: 13 (the world rating)

Represents Western-Kazakhstani region


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